December 2011 – Wall Street Journal photos

In reviewing Michael Poliza’s lavish new photo book, “Kenya”, for which we contributed several images, the New Year’s Eve edition of the Wall Street Journal carries a large reprint of one of our images. It was taken in 2008 at the famed Cul-De-Sac river crossing point on the Mara River in the Masai Mara. The venue is thus named because often the herds of crossing Wildebeest choose the wrong crossing point, where there is in fact no exit point. Animals pile up on the steep banks, unable to reach the top; the banks become muddier and extremely slippery, often resulting in mass drownings as the animals exhaust themselves. To make matters worse for the Wildebeest, this particular bend in the river is home to large numbers of monstrous sized Nile Crocodiles.


November 2011 – Nature’s Best Photo competition – Commended images

Two of our images have received commended awards in the Animal Antics category of the 2011 Nature’s Best Photo competition. Both were taken in Kenya’s Masai Mara. We have only recently started to enter select photo competitions and are still in the process of getting a feel for what the judges of each competition are looking for as it varies massively from competition to competition.

Cheetah mother shaking rain-drenched fur with six cubs in close attendance , Masai Mara, Kenya


Male Lion with wind-blown mane, snarling at cub, Masai Mara, Kenya

October 2011 – Michael Poliza new book: KENYA

Six of our images appear in renowned wildlife photographer’s new book, Kenya.

July 2011 – Papua New Guinea stamp

One of our images has appeared on a Papua New Guinea stamp. Ironically the image was taken thousands of miles away in French Polynesia! Many thanks to Yvonne Sadovy for helping with this.



  1. June Jacobsen
    January 9, 2012

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    Congratulations on all accounts. Your work is amazing, I enjoyed reading your bios, also the Antarctica blog which I found on Art’s blog. So thanks to him, who is now down south, super-lucky guy! I head to Galapagos in May (won Nat Geo photo contest) and still have to check out more of your images for inspiration. Your composition is stellar. No need to talk about lighting, etc. – all wonderful. Best to you in your pursuit of all things photographic, and Happy New Year!, from Long Island, New York.

    • Paul Mckenzie
      January 9, 2012

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      Thx June. Well done on the Nat Geo contest. You will love Galapagos. I have many fond memories of my one trip there in 2001 esp since I met my wife there. Best regards, Paul

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